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Thank you for taking the time to learn about CNC and how we may be able to help you. You've come this far, I assume you want to learn what makes CNC different and how the process works. Once you have read through everything, you can reach out to us to move forward with your free one-on-one phone consultation to learn more about how the program works and any other questions you may have. We want to make this as informative and easy as possible.

During the initial phone consultation, we will discuss your health history, diets you have tried in the past, your daily activities and routines, favorite foods and any other things that may have an impact on your journey to a healthier life. We take your health very seriously and as such we put in a lot of time and effort toward each and every client. We will ask you to make a 3 month commitment to CNC as well. Soon after the consultation, you will receive an Engagement Agreement which will outline our duty to you as a client, as well as terms of the agreement. At this time we will also send you a health questionnaire so you can let us know if you have conditions or issues that we need to be aware of.

When we receive your payment and completed forms, we will prepare a meal plan for you based on the information you provide us. You will receive a link via email that will open up your meal plan and allow you to customize further, if you wish. For instance, your plan for Wednesday's lunch calls for grilled chicken and you would rather have beef, you can swap them out and it will tell you what portion size to use. You can print shopping lists for the meal plans as well.

Before you start the program and every two weeks thereafter, we will ask you to submit a check in, so that we can both track your progress. Your check in will consist of your measurements, and a few pictures. At first many people don't like to submit photos/measurements, and if you truly don't want to, just say so, however it does really help to see the changes your body is going through.

Throughout your journey, we will be right by your side. Let us know if you have any questions, concerns, motivational needs, You can reach us via email and receive a response in less than 12 hours.
We offer several plans to choose from and will customize to fit any need.

Level I / Maintenance Plan

This is the plan for people who don't need as much variation. You will still receive all of the great coaching and advice but you will only get 1 week of meal plans per month. This is a great option for those who have completed a 3 month Level II session and need to transition into independently managing their own diet.

Level II Plan

All of the features of Level I, but with 2 Weeks of Meal Plans.

Level III Plan

Everything from level II but with new meal every day of the month.

Exercise Plans Add On

For an additional fee, you can have fully customized exercise plans as well. CNC has partnered with a personal trainer to offer our clients the benefits of structured exercise plans. Whether you are looking for strenuous fat burning sessions, or light mobility work, we have it all. This can be added to any plan level.

Rachel Kraenow

I am a board certified nurse practitioner with over 15 years of experience. I have a passion for health and fitness. Throughout my career and my own weight struggles, I have learned a lot about balancing life and health goals. My goal is to help others improve their overall health, with regard to their particular goals. Perhaps they want to look better, have better control of their diabetes, manage their hypertension, or are simply frustrated with their lack of improvement despite consistent efforts. While exercise is certainly important, I’ve learned that the most common mistake lies within the nutrition plan and truly knowing where to start. I do not believe in gimmicks, 30-day quick fixes, pills, or supplements of any kind. I believe in gradual changes for long-term success. I do not believe there are good or bad foods, but that the key is to know how much you are taking in, in order to enjoy your favorite foods with balance. I provide affordable one-on-one consultations and design menus specific to their health and nutrition needs. I am dedicated to helping individuals through compassion for their past struggles, helping them understand their current patterns, and empowering them to be successful.

Ryan Wattenbarger

I am a Certified Personal Trainer and a lifelong fitness enthusiast. I have been in a gym since I was 10 years old, and I truly feel like it is a second home for me. I take a great deal of pride in helping people find the right exercise routine for them. I do not believe one exercise routine fits all. We all have busy lives. Some travel, some have small children, some are battling injuries, and some have all of the above. Regardless, I will help you find the exercise routine to both help you meet your goals and not consume your whole life. I thrive on helping others find balance with their goals. I would love an opportunity to review your goals with you and help you achieve what you didn't think was possible for yourself.