Tucker, Mid-40's

Tucker, Mid-40's

I am a man in my mid 40’s and I started struggling with my weight in my mid 30’s. Over the years I have done several triathlons, a few half marathons and a full marathon. I still try to ride my bike but especially in the last few years I have been lacking in motivation to eat well and exercise. I had tried various diets and could not stick to them for more than a month or so. I hit 240 pounds ( I was never over 180 until my mid 30’s). I knew I had to do something but I needed someone to tell me what I was doing wrong and to be a "coach".

My wife and I found Rachel through another client who my wife knew. She recommended Rachel to us. Rachel mentioned right away that diet is the key and exercise is helpful but is a very distant second in terms of losing weight and becoming healthier. She asked for a lot of information on my health history and what my goals were. Within a couple days she sent me my customized plan. What I loved about it and continue to love about it is she completely takes the guesswork out of everything, particularly at the start of the program. This was key for me. She told me exactly what to eat, in exactly what portion size and when to eat it. The food was easy to find and prepare. She told me I would be hungry but after the first few days, with the combination of foods and the timing throughout the day, I never really felt hungry.

Every two weeks she had me update her with measurements, weight and pictures. She would then modify the plan and give me new (and very tasty!) recipes and my new plan. The variety was very helpful.

I stuck with the plan almost 100% (drinking that much water is still tough! J) because it was easy to follow and again, I had everything laid out for me. If we had any questions about substitutions we could text Rachel and she would reply quickly.

I noticed my clothes were fitting better right away and the scale and measurements consistently dropped. Overall on the program I have dropped 30 pounds! I am down about 4 inches in pant size (38 to 34). I feel great and have more energy. I mentioned to Rachel that I did a quick 25 mile bike ride not long ago and felt better on the bike than I had in years. I am continuing on to my goal of 180 pound and I feel very motivated!

If you are considering working with Rachel I can say from a great experience – do it. She is very kind and she really cares for the health of the people she is working with. Above all she really knows what she is doing in regard to nutrition. I have said this before to you but thanks Rachel – I could not be doing this without you!